‘Twas The Night Before Filming

It’s been two magical, at times overwhelming (but right now, I think, properly whelming) weeks since school ended and we became 100% invested in Apocalypse Theory pre-production.  We spent a lot of that time acquiring crew.  Our crew now consists of the following talented, hard-working, wonderful individuals:

Andrew Gambel

Annette Gianino

Ariel Vida

Derek Byrd

Emily Nott

Emily Parker

Joy Fu

Kim Berens

Kimber Bowman

Laura Aughton

Margo Sawaya

Maria Palmo

Mark Bearss

Matt Riggs

Mike Green

Mitchell Haba

Nathan Nie

Olivia Latz

Ryan Frederick

Scott Oberlander

Shaemus Kermiet

Yiting Lu

We’ve also added some new faces to our cast.  Some of these were for roles we had yet to fill, and some were to replace actors who unfortunately had to drop out.  Casting in such a short period of time has been a challenge, but it’s all been worth it to end up with such an incredibly gifted cast, who will no doubt bring these characters to life in ways that I can’t yet fathom.  Finishing the final rehearsal last night was a bittersweet moment for me, but I look forward to working with them on set.

Our new cast includes:

Alex Poling as Al

Zack Sztanyo as Ethan

Katrina Miller as Cassie

Adam Ehrlich as Dusty

Logan Pedersen as the Wanderer

Carolyne Rex as Nova

Martin Mugerian as Tyler Prince

Eric Allen as Murph

Brett Kline as Scoot

Ayo Obayan as Fargo

Joanna Darby as Angel

Alex Lockwood as Palmer

Annette Gianino as Heather

Dennis Corsi as Brian

Sara Faghihi as Samantha

Scott Long as Dr. Solovyev

Ariel Vida as the Protest Leader

Caitlin Pistor as the Dame

Patrick Ropp as Famine

Brooke Crandall as Pestilence

Benjamin Poulson as War

Maria Elkin as Death

When we haven’t been bringing collaborators together, we’ve been photoboarding scenes with our excellent cinematographer, Maria Palmo, who’s been with us on this project longer than anyone.  This process of documenting each scene thoroughly with photos will surely shorten our time on set, and has helped us to visualize how these scenes will go down.  We’ve also spent time deciding how to decorate the sets with our imaginative and unthinkably hard-working art director, Ariel Vida.  It’s been fun to see these locations as they reached a very lived-in look that speaks volumes of detail about the characters who inhabit them.

Beyond all that, there isn’t much to say.  I’m here, drinking a summer shandy to calm my nerves, expecting about four and a half hours of sleep before rising bright and early for the first day of shooting.  I feel as though I’ve reached the front of a long line for a roller coaster, and am now click-clacking my way to the top of the highest peak (except, in this metaphor, the fall lasts a month and the coaster requires effort on my part to keep going, but my current emotions remain similar).

Though Brandon and I will soon be busy enough to make bees look like lazy punkasses by comparison, we’ll try to come up with a blog post at least weekly.  Look for us in the State News next week!

Believe in your dreams.



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  1. So many people involved! This is amazing! It’s exciting to finally get started.

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