Almost There

Twenty-one days of shooting down.  Nine to go.  Given the number of indie projects that fail before they finish production, it’s comforting to think of how much is behind us.  In fact, it’s more than comforting.  It makes me quite proud.  We’ve shot with horses, with fire, in the dorms, in a restaurant, inside, outside, daytime, nighttime, on a dolly, on a jib, with a lensbaby, sad scenes, happy scenes, sexy scenes, spit takes, stunts, after last-second rewrites and with way less sleep than is recommended.  The majority of our feature-length movie is in the proverbial can (it’s a hard drive), and I feel like there’s nothing coming up that we can’t handle.

Tonight we shoot a party scene in Maria’s apartment, kicking off a fairly intense nine-day stretch of work designed to have us finished before Independence Day.  To be honest, I can’t wait until it’s over.  Production has been an amazing experience, and I am absolutely having fun and feeling very fulfilled.  The stress is something else, though.  I’ve led projects before, and I’ve worked on very little sleep.  It’s different, though, to coordinate something that none of us have done before.  There’s precedent for making a feature-length student film, of course.  It’s just that many of them don’t succeed.  How many other endeavors are like that, popular despite an enormous amount of work and high risk of failure?  I guess that corresponds to the potential return of creating a feature film.  A part of me  is calmed and another excited when I imagine what it will be like to have finished Apocalypse Theory.  The image is so appealing, it’s tough not to trick myself into thinking it’s done already.  Nine days left, and there are certain challenges ahead.  We have long days and nights planned, and we have yet to shoot from the back of a golf cart or drop an actor in the Red Cedar, as we plan to do.  Success and the relative peace of post-production are right around the corner, but we still have to get there.

If you arrived here without visiting the Facebook page, please Like us on the Book and take a gander at our production stills.  Also be sure to join the group “Apocalypse Theory Extras.”  We are in serious need of extras for some upcoming shoots, and several will get the chance to deliver lines.  Hope to see you soon.

Brandon Laventure
Apocalypse Theory


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